COD Propane Prices

                                        Discount Propane Gas

COD, also known as cash on delivery, is simply purchasing propane on a will call basis.  Consumers can choose the day of choice and order liquid propane gas at their convenience.  With the high cost of propane, most consumers are on a tighter budget than ever before.  There is no difference in the quality of propane gas between COD gas an automatic, except price.  COD LP Gas gives the consumer the ability to purchase propane at the lowest price possible.

Most cash on delivery propane companies do not have service departments, therefore, they do not have the ability to offer service contracts.  Historically, these companies were much smaller than conventional full service liquid propane suppliers.  Pilgrim Propane Group has change that perception by offering low price COD LP Gas with the options.

Consumers can now take advantage of discount COD propane prices the mom and pops used to offer with the security of the major brand.  COD propane members are very satisfied with the new concept and are able to sleep easy knowing they have coverage.

Cash on delivery brought into the 21st century by a propane buying group with his members best interest at the forefront.  Propane For Less is changing the face of the gas industry one COD delivery at a time.