Propane Prices

Discount Propane Prices 

Consumers look to save money on their propane in an ever-changing economy are turning to buying groups with low prices.  Buying groups can save liquid propane consumers up to 15% on their purchase of gas.  Have you been thinking of the switch from your conventional propane provider to a group?  Pilgrim propane and its wholly owned subsidiary Propane For Less can help you purchase LP Gas at discount prices.

Discount propane prices are easy to find with pilgrim its simple, affordable LPG is only a call away.  Pilgrim's group purchasing has giving consumers the ability to have professional negotiators find discount prices on liquid propane through our prescreened network of LP dealers.  Pilgrim's massive reach helps consumers in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and many other states.  

Consumers should have a fair chance and not be tricked in with a unrealistic propane prices at the start, then soon after have them a artificially spike.  When you become a member with the Pilgrim Propane Group, you were under the umbrella of protection against LP Gas prices being artificially inflated.  With Propane For Less there is a predetermined margin price that set with distribution based on the market to avoid these issues.

Pilgrim is able to offer liquid propane gas at discount prices for members through distribution logistics.  Pilgrim schedules deliveries with its network of propane partners on certain days to maximize efficiency and increase productivity.

Group members can purchase COD propane, also known as cash on delivery, or choose automatic LPG deliveries, it's your choice.  Pilgrim is here to help residential and commercial consumers realize significant savings.